Our Story

Sweet Tartlette is the sweet dream of Sarah Steele, our owner and head pastry chef. Sarah started in the culinary industry in college and began taking cake decorating classes after attending Michigan State University and, after a whirlwind tour of the kitchens and pastry cases of some of Chicago’s finest restaurants and bakeries, she is excited to introduce downtown Traverse City to her love for all things sweet.

As a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America’s Baking and Pastry Arts program, Sarah is a proud chocolatiere, patissiere, and cake decorator. While living in Chicago, her love for teaching crossed into her love for crafting delicious desserts and the two have intertwined to become Sweet Tartlette.

The name ‘Sweet Tartlette’ stems directly from Sarah’s philosophy on desserts – the best recipes are not singular. Food that balances diverse flavors and distinct textures tantalizes all five taste receptors of the tongue. Desserts should not be just sweet; they can be tart, salty, and bitter; they can be crunchy, soft and creamy; they can be hot and cold juxtaposed. These balancing acts make for a better, more intriguing tasting experience.

Founded in 2015, Sweet Tartlette will endeavor to bring a taste of fine pastry and confections to the bustling Traverse City culinary scene. Focusing on a seasonal approach and geared with an abundance of local ingredients, the goods at Sweet Tartlette will satisfy the sweet tooth of confectionery connoisseurs and bonbon beginners alike.